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Surf at Waikiki

Known in Hawaiian as ?spouting waters?, Waikiki was the playground for Hawaiian royalty and where they came to surf ? thus surfing is called the sport of Kings. Waikiki is today rich and complex blend of history, natural beauty and contemporary comforts. You can go for an early morning dawn patrol in the Waikiki surf where the palms rustle softly and the chorus of birds greets you at the beach. Then have a delicious breakfast, relax and sit back and watch the surf roll whilst looking at Duke Kahanamoku statue on Kuhio Beach. Then later in the day paddle out alongside the local Waikiki beach boys and experience the thrill of surfing in the heat of the day with long rides that last up to 400 metres at times. Waikiki is both a great place for beginners, intermediates, longboarders and even the most advanced will find a wave here that will match there standard. At night time this area comes alive with Hula festivals, torch light shows and a real wonderful environment all to the sound of the local surf.

Waikiki gets swell all year round, but it comes into its own in summer from April to September. It is then that the south east and south west swells from the tropics are most prevalent. Another bonus is that Waikiki is one of the only spots worldwide that is practically offshore year round. Waikiki is a great place to stay if you wish nightlife, surf and fun the Hawaiian way.

Hawaii is not as expensive to travel to as you might think and offers perhaps the best all round surfing product in the Pure Vacations programme, we are pleased to say that we are taking you home to the beginning of surfing. So book now. OAHU - USA